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About John Hagmeier

A new home is much more than an investment; it is a symbol of strength and security for the family. That's why it is so important to compare quality, craftsmanship and reputation when choosing your builder.

When my wife Judy and I started our business 30 years ago, we did so with a commitment to providing exceptional value. I'm proud to say we've never wavered from that commitment.

Hagmeier Homes have become synonymous with excellence. The neighborhoods in which we build are considered to be among the finest in the Anchorage-Eagle River area. We take pride in designing each home to compliment your lot selection.

The ability to consistently deliver fine homes is the reason we have experienced success. Today, more than 1,000 families live in our homes. Perhaps the best testimonial for choosing a Hagmeier Home comes long after the sale. Our reputation equates to lasting value and a well-deserved premium at the time of resale. That is why people advertise their home as "A John Hagmeier Home" when they sell.

When it comes time to select your new home, we invite you to compare the quality, craftsmanship and reputation that comes with every Hagmeier Home.
Through the years, John Hagmeier Homes have been honored recipients of numerous awards given by our local home builders association for excellence in the design, quality and value of our homes.

Here are a few of those awards:

Builder of the Year                                                        1986
Annual Governor's Award                                             1987  
Best Sudivision - Eagle Pointe                                      1999    
Peoples Choice Award                                         1989,1990    
Golden Hammer Award             1994-2004,2007,2011,2012                 
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